Designed at the headquarters of Ollech & Wajs Precision AG, Bellerive Strasse in Zurich, OW watches, symbols of precision and quality, are assembled and adjusted in one of the oldest cities of Switzerland, at the foot of the Jura, in Solothurn, one of the strongholds of the watchmaking tradition.

On the Weissenstein Strasse stands a magnificent building erected in 1915 for the watch manufacturer Stadler-Bouché, which was subsequently taken over by one of the first watchmaking schools in Switzerland, one of the very best of its kind. It was in these premises that the success of generations of watchmakers was shaped.

After the school moved to larger premises, an independent Swiss family-owned company, bought the building so that it could continue to manufacture watches in the spirit of Swiss watchmaking.

Ollech & Wajs undertakes to have all OW watches manufactured in accordance with the Swiss official regulations governing the Swiss Made label, synonymous with high quality standards, knowledge of the trade, technical know-how, innovation and competence.

In this, we strive to live up to the unique reputation of Swiss Made watches, but we also seek to offer the consumer the best possible choice of high quality watches. To ensure the quality and precision of our OW watches, only high-quality mechanical and automatic movements, supplied by the best Swiss manufacturers, are used.

In order to achieve this, Ollech & Wajs partners with Chrono A.G., but also suppliers established in the neighboring town of Granges, another watchmaking stronghold: ETA S.A. and Valjoux for movements, and Banda S.A. for leather bracelets and cases.

In workshops, the precision of manual work is at the heart of our watchmaking competence. Watchmakers have been carefully trained and are professional in their field. Each watch is assembled, checked and packed by hand. This is how we guarantee the "Swiss Made" quality of our products. It is with pride that we can say that every OW watch honors the Swiss watchmaking tradition.

Several manufacturing steps are needed before an OW watch can come out into the world to fulfill its function as a precision time keeper. Manual work is at the heart of each step, including selection of components, silk-screening, assembly, engraving, quality control and finally, careful packing.

At Ollech & Wajs, we believe that the high-quality standards we set for our products can only be achieved by working with the traditional manual skills of the business, while integrating current modern and specialized tools to support watchmakers in their search for maximum precision.

Not to mention stringent quality control at each stage. All OW watches undergo a thorough check of their performance and water resistance, including 30 to 100 ATM tests, as well as meticulous visual control.

In line with our quality-oriented work method, Ollech& Wajs timepieces are produced in accordance with the requirements of Swissness legislation. For this reason we grant a 3 year warranty on all OW watches.